Title : Creation week 2019

Title : Creation week 2019


Title : Inter School Quiz Competition

Being just confined to books does not help in a student's all round development. They should also be aware and alert about what is happening in the world around them. To confirm that students are doing this the Second Annual Inter School Quiz Competition was held in our school on the 29th of April, 2017. The Quiz Master for the competition was Mr. Keith Nongsteng. He is pursuing a degree in Economics and is currently the Director ABD Secretary General of Shillong Model United Nations.

Title : Investiture Ceremony

St. Edmund's School has never disappointed in shaping and moulding leaders in every field. As part of the tradition, 3rd March marked the swearing in of the captains and vice captains who had been selected by their class-mates and teachers. They possess fine qualities and leadership that makes them suitable role models for the boys to look up to. The program commenced at 12:25 in the afternoon after the lunch break. The hall was filled with eager and enthusiastic boys of different classes waiting for the suspense to end. After seeing a well prepared ceremony our Principal Brother Solomon finally declared the captains and vice captains as follows:  Captains : Ezra Kharsyntiew, Dion Marwein, Donovan Khongwir, Vaibhav Agarwal, Ellsworth Kharkongor and Melvinson Kharkongor and Vice Captains : Shivam Yadav, Pratham Gurung, Shaun Nongsiej . On asking the captains they said - "School captains and vice-captains have a lot of responsibilities and duties which they are expected to perform by the school body. As the school vice-captains we look forward to the year 2017. Abiding by the oath that we took captains, we would bear the responsibility of being a link between the school authorities, teachers and students; we shall set an example for the upcoming younger generation students and act as the overall in charge of the student body. We shall be the ambassador who will embody the school values which are achievement, creativity, respect, responsibility, diversity and acceptance. We shall be friendly, cooperative, vigilant, and punctual and handle the students with care and responsibility. We will not take any wrong advantage of our position and always follow the school motto FACTA NON VERBA." Later, our Principal declared the Head boy for the year 2017 and with this, Ezra Kharsyntiew became the Head boy. He then addressed all present with a very eloquent speech.                 

Title : Outreach Programme


Title : Edumund Rice Day(5th May)